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Since we started in 2020 our prices didn't change. Because the cost of our raw materials have increased significantly, we unfortunately have to increase our prices from 1 May 2023. We trust on your understanding.

Give your house, shed or any other building the original Swedish look with Glor-Isol Dry sludge paint.
Mix the Glor-Isol Dry sludge paint of your preferred color (red or black) with water and emulsified linseed oil and start painting. Mixed Glor-Isol sludge paint is ready to use, no need to cook!
You can use our paint on unplaned wood or wood that has previously been painted with sludge paint.
Next to the unmatched quality, Glor-Isol dry sludge paint is different from ordinary sludge paints because it is environmentally friendly and the powder form enables you to mix just the amount of paint you really need.
Unused Glor-Isol dry sludge paint can be stored for several years.
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