Emulsified Linseed Oil 5.5L

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Emulsified Linseed Oil 5.5L

5L boiled linseed oil with 0.5L liquid green soap which gives 5.5L emulsified linseed oil

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We sell emulsified linseed oil in a package consisting of

  • a can of 5 L of boiled linseed oil and
  • a bottle of 0.5L liquid soap.

To get emulsified linseed oil to add to the dry sludge paint and water, add 10% of soap (eg 1L emulsified linseed oil = 0.9 L boiled linseed oil + 0.1 L liquid soap).

5.5L emulsified linseed oil is the right amount to mix with
11-12KG dry sludge paint for brush painting or
7-8KG dry sludge paint for spray painting.

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